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10/14/2008 - (LOF) SniperDude-The roster and email are down for a bit yet.
10/14/2008 - (LOF) SniperDude-Wow, after a month of offline, we are almost back up and running. The forum is fully functional...
9/11/2008 - (LOF) SniperDude-Hurricane Ike takes down server!
9/3/2004 - (LOF) SniperDude-Seems our Webprovider has made some security changes that influence how our site looks and acts. ...[details]
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Welcome to the home of the Lethal Old Farts.

Long ago, before the Internet was a push-advertising mass-marketing-instant gratification sales tool, the Lethal Old Farts began as a Duke Nukem 3D Clan.

Time stands still for no one; new technology and new games appear regularly and deserve the attention of this clan of decrepit killers. Today, we are a multigaming clan of people who play every game imaginable. We currently have active branches for: Quake II, Unreal Tournament 2004, Battlefield 2, Guild Wars, Earth 2025. And many others.

We are an adult clan, and are selective with who we allow to apply for membership. With age comes wisdom; or so we have all been told to expect. Since we hold good sportsmanship and good conduct highly, we have an age limit of 30. However, there are exceptions to this rule; those individuals who prove themselves to be good sports and have a mature attitude are accepted as Lethal Old Fart members even though they are under 30.

We offer you a warm welcome and a hot game of your choice. Drop by the message board, the LOF Kali Server, or any of the numerous servers bearing the LOF banner and meet the LOF members.

Who's online: (LOF)Deadmeat, (LOF)Hoss, (LOF)ROX, (LOF)Shadow, (LOF)Shocar, (LOF)Smack, (LOF)SniperDude, (LOF)WilliDog, [LOF]BlackThunder, [LOF]Quietus, [LOF]skinnylegs, {LOF}Amqar, Dibs, Hocus, Vajra